The Sleaford Navigation

A Collection of Photographs taken by Tony Clayton

1 - Sleaford to Cogglesford Mill

5 - Haverholme Lock <<-- : -->> 2 - Bone Mill Lock

Navigation Office

The former Navigation Office in Sleaford.
This contains an excellent interpretation centre on the Navigation and is well worth a visit


The old footbridge in Sleaford, August 2008.


The new lifting footbridge in Sleaford, March 2010.
Work on building a new slipway and winding hole is in progress in the background.


The new lifting footbridge from upstream.

Cogglesford Mill

Cogglesford Mill. The Lock is to the right of the large willow tree.

Cogglesford Lock

Looking down Cogglesford Lock

Cogglesford Lock

Looking back at Cogglesford Lock

Railway Bridge

The Railway Bridge crossing the navigation below Cogglesford Lock

The Sleaford Navigation

5 - Haverholme Lock <<-- : -->> 2 - Bone Mill Lock
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