The Erewash Canal

A Collection of Photographs belonging to Tony Clayton

Trent Lock

Trent Lock from the River Trent, 1974

Trent Lock

A similar view, 2002

Trent Lock

Trent Lock, from a card posted in 1913

Long Eaton Lock

Long Eaton Lock, 1974
The gates were being replaced the next day.

Long Eaton Lock

Long Eaton Lock, 1974
Our first Linton

Stanton Lock

Stanton Lock, 2003

Greens Lock

Possibly Greens Lock, but might be Common Bottom Lock, 1974
If you know better please let me know (link on main index page).

Common Bottom Lock

Now confirmed as Common Bottom Lock, 2003

Stensons Lock

Stensons Lock, 2003


Eastwood Church from above Stensons Lock, 2003
The morning after the last night spent afloat on Linton, before we sold her.

Langley Mill Lock is technically part of the Cromford Canal, and Great Northern Basin part of the Nottingham Canal.
Langley Mill Lock

Langley Mill Lock, 2003

Langley Mill Lock

The author sitting on the gates of Langley Mill Lock, 2003

Gt Northern Basin

Linton in Great Northern Basin, 1974
Getting our arrival certificate completed; more points for our Silver Sword!

Gt Northern Basin

Passing the swingbridge in Great Northern Basin, 1974

Gt Northern Basin

Descending Langley Mill Lock, 1974
The end of the canal at that time can be seen just beyond the top gates.

Gt Northern Basin

We return to Langley Mill after 29 years, with the new Linton in 2003
The canal above the lock had been significantly extended since our first visit.

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