The Grantham Canal

A Collection of Photographs

Tony Clayton

This collection of pages shows pictures taken on the Grantham Canal starting in the late 1980's, with others taken more recently. The images are scanned from slides or taken with a digital Canon 350D camera, and are available on application to me in far greater resolution.

I visited the canal for the first time in 1986, and revisited after my move to Lincolnshire in 2005. I intend to increase the number of photographs during the course of the next year.


1 - Trent Lock to Fosse Top Lock


2 - Woolsthorpe - the Derelict bottom four locks


3 - Woolsthorpe - the Restored top three locks

To A1

4 - Woolsthorpe to the A1 crossing


5 - A1 to Grantham

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Grantham Canal
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