The River Weaver

A Collection of Photographs taken by Tony Clayton

Sutton Bridge

Sutton Bridge, 1975

Frodsham Lock

The derelict Frodsham Lock, 1975

Saltersford Locks

Waiting at Saltersford Locks, 1975

Saltersford Locks

Above Saltersford Locks, 1975
This is the reason we were waiting. We went in behind this dumb barge and push tug, and as the hydraulics had failed the bottom gates were pulled open by the tug as it reversed towards us.

Anderton Lift

Descending Anderton Lift, 1975

Anderton Lift

Anderton Lift, 1975

Anderton Lift

Anderton Lift, 1975

Vale Royal Locks

Vale Royal Locks, 1975

Winsford Bottom Flash

Winsford Bottom Flash, 1975
Linton is shallow draughted, and we enjoyed storming around the flash at full throttle, but narrowboats are ill advised to do this, as it is very shallow in parts.

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River Weaver
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