The River Arun Navigation

A Collection of Photographs taken by Tony Clayton

Newbridge Wharf

Newbridge Wharf, 1987

Pallingham Bridge

Pallingham Bridge, 1980

Stopham Bridge

Stopham Bridge, 1980
The navigation arch is visible in the centre

Hardham Tunnel

Hardham Tunnel, North Portal, 1980
Silted close to the roof.

Hardham Tunnel

Hardham Tunnel, South Portal, 1980
Just the top of the arch visible inside a 'cage'


Canal at Coldwaltham, 1980


Coldwaltham Lock, 1980


Coldwaltham Lock, 1980
Most of the lock is covered in shrubs.


Canal below Coldwaltham Lock, 1980
The canal is now isolated from the river by a flood bank.

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River Arun Navigation
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