The Basingstoke Canal

A Collection of Photographs

Tony Clayton

This collection of pages shows pictures taken on the Basingstoke Canal starting in the late 1970's, with others taken more recently. The images are scanned from slides or taken with either a digital Canon 350D or Ricoh CX3, and are available on application to me in far greater resolution.

When I first visited the canal many areas were in untouched dereliction, while restoration had just started in others. We watched (and helped on occasion) while restoration crept towards the eventual reopening of the canal as far as Greywell, and it was with great pleasure that my wife and I travelled the length of the canal to the Whitewater Aqueduct aboard 'Linton' on two occasions, the last being in 2001. However a visit to Deepcut in July 2010 was heartbreaking as many of the pounds were drained and overgrown again while money is found for essential repairs.


1 - Woodham Locks 1 to 6


2 - From Lock 6 to St.John's Locks 7 to 11

Garston Lock

3 - Brookwood Locks 12 to 14

Lock 16

4 - Deepcut Locks 15 to 18


5 - Deepcut Locks 19 to 21

Lock 16

6 - Deepcut Locks 22 to 25


7 - Deepcut Locks 26 to 28

Ash Wharf

8 - Deepcut to Ash Lock 29

Fleet Bridge

9 - Ash Lock to Odiham

Lift Bridge

10 - Odiham to Basingstoke

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Basingstoke Canal
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