The River Wey

A Collection of Photographs

Tony Clayton

This collection of pages shows pictures taken on the River Wey starting in the late 1970's, with others taken more recently. The images are scanned from slides and are available on application to me in far greater resolution.

When I first visited the river in 1978 many sections were very shallow, with several lock gates leaking very badly. We watched while The National Trust improved the state of the two navigations enormously during the 27 years that we lived in the area and cruised aboard our Dawncraft Dandy, 'Linton'.

Catteshall Lock

1 - Godalming to Unstead Lock

Unstead Lock

2 - Unstead Lock

Mill Mead Lock

3 - Unstead to Millmead Lock

Stoke Lock

4 - Guildford to Triggs Lock

Papercourt Lock

5 - Triggs Lock to Newark Lock

Walsham Weir

6 - Newark Lock to New Haw Lock

Coxes Lock

7 - New Haw Lock to the Thames

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River Wey
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