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Longdon-Upon-Tern Aqueduct

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The original brick aqueduct designed by Josiah Clowes was partially demolished by floods in 1795, and on 14th March of that year the Committee resolved to have an iron aqueduct constructed. This spans 62 yards across the River Tern, and is the first substantial cast-iron aqueduct to be built in the country (a much smaller one was completed on the Derby Canal a month earlier). The iron section links brick abutments which are what remains of the original aqueduct.

During the 1970's there was a proposal to transfer the aqueduct to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum, but it was decided to retain and conserve it in situ.

Longdon Aqueduct from West

Longdon Aqueduct from the W, 1976 (Grid Ref SJ 618156)

Longdon Aqueduct from South

Longdon Aqueduct from the South, showing Clowes' original abutments, 1978.

Longdon Aqueduct from SE

Another view of Longdon Aqueduct from the SE, 1985.

Longdon Aqueduct from NE

Another view of Longdon Aqueduct from the NE, 1985.
It seems to be unusual to photograph it from this side!

Longdon Aqueduct from East

Longdon Aqueduct from the E, 1977 (Grid Ref SJ 618156)

Longdon Aqueduct from under

Longdon Aqueduct from underneath, 1985.

Seal at NE end of Aqueduct

Rubber seal at the NE end of the aqueduct, 1978

E abutment

The Eastern abutment - the remains of Clowes's Aqueduct, 1976
The leat for a nearby mill used to flow under these two arches.

End-on view

An end-on view from the E, 1976.
The approach embankment has been bulldozed away revealing the canal cross-section.

Bridge deck

The deck of an accomodation bridge that used to be about 200 yards east of the Aqueduct, 1976.
This was used as a pig shelter for a time - its present location is unknown.

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