The Shrewsbury Canal

A Collection of Photographs taken by Tony Clayton

The Canal in Shrewsbury

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These pictures of the Shrewsbury Canal in Shrewsbury were taken in 1976.

Howard St Warehouse

Howard Street Warehouse, the main terminal warehouse, from the S (Grid Ref SJ 495130)

Back of Howard Street Warehouse

The back of Howard Street Warehouse, and the site of the Shrewsbury Canal Basin (Grid Ref SJ 496131) from the NE

Newpark Road Bridge

Newpark Road Bridge, now demolished (Grid Ref SJ 496132) from the N

Canal Tavern

The Canal Tavern, Newpark Road
The canal ran behind the tavern and in front of the warehouse behind. (Grid Ref SJ 497132)

Canal behind tavern

The canal behind the Canal Tavern, Newpark Road (Grid Ref SJ 497132)

Canal behind tavern

Looking towards Ditherington Maltings from behind the end house seen above (Grid Ref SJ 497132)

Canal approaching Ditherington Maltings

The canal approaches Ditherington Maltings
The towpath hedge still in place on the right (Grid Ref SJ 498136)

Factory Bridge

The original bridge plate of Factory Bridge preserved at the site of the southern crossing of the A5191 (Grid Ref SJ 499138), 1976

The Shrewsbury Canal

Trench Incline <<-- : -->> The Canal Near Uffington
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