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Wappenshall Lock (No.9)

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Wappenshall Lock was filled in before 1969, and the skeletal remains of the lower gate moved to Ironbridge. The lock was rebuilt in 1844, and the lower gate had the fully modified type C design with a winch alongside the gate and the counterbalance descending into a pit alongside the gate. The remains of the lock were totally removed on construction of the storm drain weir in about 1976.

Wappenshall Lock site

The site of Wappenshall Lock (No.9), 1976.
When the contractors came to build the weir they found that the old lock had merely been infilled, and it proved very troublesome to remove.

Wappenshall Lock site

The same view, taken from Wappenshall Bridge in 1985.

Wappenshall from Britton Lock

Wappenshall from Britton Lock, 1976. The storm drain enters the canal line at this point.

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