The Grand Western Canal

A Collection of Photographs taken by Tony Clayton

1 - The Navigable Section

2 - The Derelict Section

Tiverton Basin

Tiverton Basin, 1981

Tiverton Basin

Horse-drawn trip boat Hyades in Tiverton Basin, 1981

Halberton Aqueduct

Halberton Aqueduct, 1981


Milepost near Waytown Tunnel, 1981

Waytown Tunnel

West Portal of Waytown Tunnel, 1981

Waytown Tunnel

East Portal of Waytown Tunnel, 1981

Waytown Tunnel

Looking through Waytown Tunnel from the East Portal, 1981

Lowdwells Lock

The present end of the canal at Lowdwells Lock, 1981

Lowdwells Lock

Site of Lowdwells Lock, 1981
The remains of the chamber are in the bushes behind the ducks

Lowdwells Lock

Lowdwells Lock, 1981

The Grand Western

2 - The Derelict Section
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