The Lower Avon Navigation

A Collection of Photographs

Tony Clayton

Tewkesbury Lock

Approaching Tewkesbury Lock, 1976

Strensham Lock

Strensham Lock, 1976

Eckington Bridge

Eckington Bridge
A tight bridge arch in a strong stream!

Nafford Lock

Nafford Lock and weir, 1976

Pershore Flash Lock

Flash Lock at Pershore, from an old postcard

Wyre Lock

Wyre Lock from an old postcard

Wyre Lock

Wyre Lock, 1976

Fladbury Weir

Fladbury Weir

Fladbury Lock, 1976

Fladbury Lock, 1976

Chain Ferry

Chain Ferry, Evesham, 1976

Evesham Lock

Evesham Lock, 1976

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