The Macclesfield Canal

A Collection of Photographs

Tony Clayton

Hall Green

Hall Green Stop Lock, 1977

Swing Bridge

Approaching Billy Tights Swing Bridge 28, 1977

Dane Aqueduct

Aqueduct over the River Dane, 1977

Bosley Lock 5

Bosley Lock 5, 2001

Bosley Lock 4

Bosley Lock 4 looking towards Lock 5, 2001

Bosley Lock 3

Bosley Lock 3 from Lock 4, 2001

Bosley Lock 2

Bosley Lock 2 looking towards Lock 3, 2001

Bosley Lock 1

Bosley Top Lock 1, 2001

Marple Stop Lock

Stop Lock, Marple Junction, 1981

Marple Stop Lock

Junction Bridge and Stop Lock, Marple Junction, 1989

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Macclesfield Canal
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