The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal

A Collection of Photographs

Tony Clayton

Great Haywood to Autherley Junction

Deptmore Lock

Descending Deptmore Lock, 1974

Otherton Lock

Approaching Otherton Lock, 1973


Below Gailey Top Lock, June 2014


Gailey Top Lock from the A5 bridge, June 2014


The Round House at Gailey, June 2014


Bottom Gates of Gailey Top Lock, and the A5 bridge, June 2014

Autherley Junction to Bratch

Compton Lock

At Compton Lock, arguably the first narrow lock to be completed, 1977

Compton Lock

Compton Lock, early 1978

Dimmingsdale Lock

Approaching Dimmingsdale Lock, 1975

Awbridge Lock

Awbridge Lock, 1978

Bratch Locks

The black and white pictures of the locks at Bratch on the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal were taken in about 1975.

Looking up

Looking up the flight from the road bridge

Looking down

Looking down the flight from the bridge over the tail of the top lock

Bratch Lock-keeper's shelter

The top lock and lock-keeper's hut

Looking up

The view from below the road bridge

Looking up

Ascending Bratch Locks, 1973

Bratch to Stourport


Bumblehole Lock, 1978


Three boats ascending Botterham Staircase, 1976


Botterham Staircase, 1975


Swindon Lock, 1977
The ironworks, very active at this time, has since been demolished.


Rocky Lock, 1973


Gothersley Lock and Bridge (late evening), 1978


Dunsley Tunnel, 1974

Hyde Lock

Hyde Lock being repaired, 1974

Hyde Lock

Hyde Lock being repaired, 1974

Kidderminster Lock

Ascending Kidderminster Lock, 1976


The lower staircase at Stourport, 1972


'Linton' ascending the lower staircase at Stourport, 1976

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