The Shropshire Canal

A Collection of Photographs taken by Tony Clayton

Scans of annotated old 1 inch Ordnance Survey Maps are available to download:
Southern Shropshire Canal and Coalbrookdale Branch
Northern Shropshire Canal, Duke of Sutherland's Canal and Ketley Canal


Looking down Wrockwardine Wood Incline, 1985
The lower part of the incline is now buried beneath a housing estate.

Tub Boats

Tub boats on the canal at Blists Hill, 1978
The near one is a reproduction wooden boat built by Malcolm Braine; the far one is an original iron tub-boat

Stop Gates

Stop gate at Blists Hill, 1978

Hay Incline

Hay Incline showing the loading dock at bottom, 1976

Hay Incline

Hay Incline with the canal rewatered, 1977


The Canal at Coalport, 1977
The bridge in the foreground was borrowed from Long Lane Wharf on the Shrewsbury Canal


Aqueduct on the Coalbrookdale Branch Canal in Telford, 1978
This area is now called Aqueduct

Canal Bed

Bed of the Coalbrookdale Branch Canal in Telford, 1978
This area, a little west of the Aqueduct, has now been landscaped and built over

Toll House

A Telford toll house at Blists Hill Museum, 1978
Similar designs were used for Lock Cottages on the Shropshire Union main line and the Newport Branch

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Shropshire Canal
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