The Stourbridge Canal

A Collection of Photographs taken by Tony Clayton

The Southern BCN

Stourbridge Locks

Stourbridge Lock 15 with Linton, 1977
We could hear the street parties celebrating the Queen's Silver Jubilee

The Stourbridge Arm

Stourbridge Arm

On the Stourbridge Arm after coming through the shallows, 1975
The canal was only a few inches deep under Coalbournbrook Bridge due to silting from the brook.

Stourbridge Arm

Looking through Coalbournbrook Bridge from the opposite direction, 1975

Stourbridge Arm

Reeds on the Stourbridge Arm, September 1974

Stourbridge Arm

The next bridge (Junction Road Bridge) heading towards the junction, Stourbridge Arm, 1975

Stourbridge Arm

Junction Road Bridge during a S&WCS Workparty, September 1974
A small bubble car was removed from the canal during the workparty

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Stourbridge Canal
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