The Shrewsbury Canal

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Wappenshall Junction

Eyton Village Lock <<-- : -->> Wappenshall Lock

Wappenshall Junction came into being on the construction of the Newport Branch, which was completed early in March 1835. The Duke of Sutherland built his warehouse over a short linking canal, and the complex became an important transhipment point to and from narrowboats and the tubboats used on the Trench Arm.
The idea of widening the nine locks up to Trench was seriously considered in 1838, but it was calculated that the extra water required would necessitate a new reservoir, and the so the plans were abandoned. Later 'Trench boats' were built in narrowboat style with a 6 ft 2 in beam to go up the locks to the foot of Trench Incline.

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West of Wappenshall

Looking west from Wappenshall towards Eyton.
The new storm drain has just been built through the site of a lift bridge which was by the bushes on the left. (Grid Ref SJ 661147)

Wappenshall Junction Bridge

Wappenshall Junction Bridge, 1976. The Newport Branch joined here.


The Duke of Sutherland's Warehouse, Wappenshall, 1976


Looking from the Junction Bridge towards Wappenshall Bridge, 1976


Similar view, 2014

Wappenshall Bridge

Wappenshall Bridge from the West, 1976

Wappenshall Bridge

Wappenshall Bridge from the SE, 1976

Wappenshall Bridge

Wappenshall Bridge, 1984

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Eyton Village Lock <<-- : -->> Wappenshall Lock
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