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A Collection of Photographs taken by Tony Clayton

Canals to Shrewsbury

Newport Branch

The Newport Branch

Shrewsbury Canal

The Shrewsbury Canal

Other Waterways

The waterways will generally be found in the same area as they are dealt with in the 'Canals of the British Isles' series by Charles Hadfield and others, except for a few southern waterways that are more logically southwestern.

East Midlands

Canals of the East Midlands

Eastern England

Canals of Eastern England

North West

Canals of the North West

North East

Canals of the North East


Canals of Scotland

South Wales

Canals of South Wales and the Border

South East

Canals of the South and South East

South West

Canals of the South West

West Midlands

Canals of the West Midlands


Other Waterways

Journeys on the BCN

Several illustrated pages detailing journeys on the Birmingham Canal Navigations and adjacent waterways during the early 1970's can be viewed by clicking here.

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This is now complete.

Recent Additions

Photographs taken at Gailey were added for the Staffs and Worcs on 10th June 2014
Up-to-date photographs taken at Wappenshall were added for the Newport Branch on 11th June 2014
Additional pictures of the Trent and Severn Canal in Canada were added on 27th May 2015
Additional pictures of the River Lot on 26th October 2014, and even more in October 2015.
Additional pictures of the Grantham Canal on 20th October 2015.

Slide Shows

I have given a number of slide shows to waterway societies in the past.

The two main titles I have used are 'Locks, Bridges and Tunnels' (a personal view of the many features to be found on both UK and overseas waterways), and 'The Shrewsbury and Newport Canals' (a look at the two waterways illustrated with both old and recent images, not all shown on my website).

Now living in Lincolnshire, I would be happy to talk to any organisation in the Midlands.

If you wish to get in contact, feel free to mail me at mail me, taking the 'penny' out of this address and please include the word 'canal' in your subject line to avoid your email falling into my spamtrap!

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